USB “Nugget” Power Adapter

USB “Nugget” Power Adapter


USB Charging from BA-5590 & BB-2590 Batteries

Smart phones and tablets are now being used as core mission equipment. 

It is always a challenge to charge these devices on the ground.


The power Nugget is specifically designed to meet and charge these

devices from in service standard batteries. 


The Nugget power adapter is a soldier-carried device that quickly converts

the BA-5590 or BB-2590 battery into a multiport USB charging station


•Dual 2.3 amp USB ports

•Compatible with all USB-charged devices

•Rugged, one-piece over-moulded design

•Portable and light-weight

•USB 3.0 hand-shaking between Nugget and

 device delivers maximum allowable current

• Designed, tested and manufactured in the USA


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